Frequently Asked Questions

How does the game work?

To play the game, click on one of the squares on the grid to reveal what's underneath.
If you're lucky you'll find a discount! All players play on the same grid so you can see what's already been uncovered.

What are Kouts?

Kouts are the tokens you use to play. When you log in you are given more Kouts to play with. If you run out of Kouts, you can wait 24 hours and log in again for a free top-up, or buy more.

What are the gems?

Sometimes when playing you will uncover Gems. You can collect these Gems to trade in for bonus Kouts. Go to your profile page and click on 'Collectables' to trade your Gems for extra Kouts.

When You Win a Discount

If you win a discount you have 6 seconds to claim it - so don't hesitate or you might miss a great deal! When you accept a discount prize, you will be taken to the payment screen. When you pay for your item we will arrange for your purchase to be sent to you as soon as possible (just make sure your delivery details are filled in on your Kout profile).   As a bonus we'll also give you 20 bonus Kouts to play with every time you buy with Kout - so you have even more chances to win great discounts.

What Happens When You Buy a Discounted Product

Firstly - well done on getting such a great deal! We will now arrange for your item to be shipped to you as quickly as possible. To make sure your item gets to you safely, please make sure you have filled out your address details on your profile page. If you have ordered a fashion item that requires a specific size, you can fill out those details as well to save time in the future.&nsp;As your item is shipped directly from the retailer, you may get emails from them so you can track the progress of your purchase. And don't worry - shipping fees are on us!

Why Playing on Kout is Free

Why Playing on Kout is Free (And Always Will Be) Kout works like a sweepstake, otherwise known as a 'free prize draw'. Under the law (Gambling Act 2005, section 4) you can enter it for free. For more information please click here.


We abide by a very strict privacy policy. All your personal information that you enter into your profile will be kept safe, and won't be shared with third parties. The information you supply is only used to complete your purchases, so your delivery address will be shared only with the retailer.


If there is a problem with your purchase, we shall let you know straight away. If your item is sold out we will arrange a refund for you. On top of that, we'll also refund the Kouts you used to play for the discount within 24 hours so you can play to win discounts on other products.

Issues and Other Questions

Issues and Other Questions If you are facing an issue on the site please don't hesitate to contact us. You can email us at support@kout.io or you can call our Customer Service number - 0203 808 7621.